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Chair of Entrepreneurial Behavior - Professor Dr. Rebecca Preller

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Start-up support

In addition to the established and qualified start-up consulting of the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, the Chair of Entrepreneurial Behavior would like to support prospective founders in finding the right business model for their idea and support in adapting it optimally to their start-up idea.

Target group of the start-up support

We support:                                                                                                                          

  • students
  • graduates
  • (scientific) employees as well as
  • professors

of the University of Bayreuth in the context of a planned business start-up with intensive business model consulting or business model coaching.


​Professor Dr. Rebecca Preller is also happy to support mentoring start-up teams in finding innovative business models before and during funding with the help of the above mentioned funding programs.



With the EXIST-Gründerstipendium, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy offers support for founders from universities and non-university research institutions, who want to implement an innovative start-up idea. The aim of the funding program is to support in particular innovative and technology-oriented start-up projects based on scientific findings.

The program is compiled for teams with up to three founders:

  • scientists
  • university graduates and former scientific employees
  • students (at least half of their studies must have been completed at the time of application)
  • technical employees with qualified professional training (max. one team member)


Applications can be submitted at any time via the University of Bayreuth. For initial inquiries and preparation of applications, please contact us.

For more information on the funding program, please click here.

EXIST Research TransferHide

With the EXIST Research Transfer program, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy supports outstanding research-based start-up projects. The funding is intended to support, among other things, through the development of a prototype and the creation of a business plan to proof the technical feasibilty of risky and complex start-up projects.

Funding is provided to scientific teams from universities in two funding phases, each with a maximum duration of 18 months. The founding teams can or should consist of a maximum of three scientists and one person with a business management background.


Project outlines can be submitted by 30th of June and 31st of December of each calendar year. We are at your disposal for first inquiries and the preparation of applications.

For more information on the funding program, please click here

Bavarian support program to facilitate the transition to a start-up existence (FLÜGGE)Hide

The Bayerische Förderprogramm zur Unterstützung des leichteren Übergangs in eine Gründerexistenz (engl. Bavarian Funding Program for Facilitating the Transition to a Start-up Existence), or short FLÜGGE, supports start-ups from Bavarian universities. Funding is provided in particular to start-up teams with ideas in the field of research and technology as well as in the field of innovation in general.

Funding is provided to teams from an applicant university that are mainly made up of students or graduates with at least a bachelor's degree. The funding includes a monthly stipend of 2,500 euros per team member for a maximum of 18 months.


Applications can be submitted twice a year within a short period of time. You can find out more about the funding program here.

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